Sediment Renourishment of Beaches Workshop

February 2013

The fourth workshop in the series “Andy’s Workshops: A Problem Shared” was held at the National Oceanography Centre on 1st February 2013. The theme was focused on the practicalities and costs of sediment renourishment.

Approximately 60 delegates – coastal engineers, scientists, consultants and contractors – attended the workshop, which commenced with Professor Andy Bradbury providing background information on the basic principles of sediment renourishment.

The morning consisted of two talks from contractors, on identifying and extracting sediment sources as well as the practicalities of deploying the sediment onto the beaches.

The remainder of the workshop centred round coastal engineers sharing their experiences of sediment renourishment works from selected cases studies across the SCOPAC region.


Beach Recharge - Introduction

PDF (5Mb) / Andy Bradbury, Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group

Aggregate sources for beach re-nourishment

PDF (3Mb) / Andrew Bellamy, Tarmac Marine Dredging Ltd

Beach Renourishment: A Contractor's View

PDF (2Mb) / Will Shields, Westminster Dredging

Poole and Swanage Bay Beach Renourishment

PDF (3Mb) / Dave Robson, Borough of Poole

Future replenishment in Poole Bay

PDF (2Mb) / Dave Harlow, Bournemouth Borough Council

Beach Nourishment - Eastoke, Hayling Island

PDF (1Mb) / Caroline Timlett, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership

The workshop came to a close with a question and answers session, whereby delegates submitted a question together with a photo of a sediment renourishment event they wanted to discuss.

The aim of the "Andy’s Workshops: A Problem Shared" series is for officers to share best practice and to assist operating authorities with basic skills development. The target audience is both experienced engineers (to share knowledge) and those new to or about to join the industry. The series is named in honour of Professor Andy Bradbury, Director of the Channel Coastal Observatory, Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group and technical advisor to SCOPAC.