The RHCP and Environmental Enhancements Workshop

February 2020

© Coastal Partners

A Southern Coastal Group workshop was hosted by Coastal Partners (formerly the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership) and the Environment Agency on 28th February 2020.

Coastal Partners and the Environment Agency co-ordinate the Solent and South Downs Regional Habitat Compensation Programme (RHCP) that covers an area between Hurst Spit in Hampshire and Beachy Head in East Sussex, including the north coast of the Isle of Wight.

Since 2010 several habitat schemes have already been completed in the SSD area, and more have been identified. The aim of this workshop was to share the progress, challenges and achievements of the past 10 years, and discuss opportunities for the future.

Coastal Partners thank all those involved for their excellent talks and presentations, and for sharing ideas and experiences.

Slides from the presentations:

Investing in Nature at the Coast: our Habitat Compensation Programme and future opportunities

PDF (1Mb) / Nick Hardiman, Senior Coastal Adviser, Environment Agency

Introduction to Solent & South Downs Regional Habitat Compensation Programme

PDF (1Mb) / Gavin Holder, Environmental Team Leader, Coastal Partners

Solent & South Downs RHCP - Strategic Update, Tactical Work and Operational Phase

PDF (2Mb) / Hilary Crane, Coastal Environmental Project Engineer, Coastal Partners

Solent Bird Studies

PDF (4Mb) / Ed Rowsell, Coastal Environmental Project Engineer, Coastal Partners

Case Study: Wessex RHCP and The Moors at Arne Project

PDF (4Mb) / Neil Watson, Coastal Engineer Wessex, Environment Agency

Case Study: Holes Bay Saltmarsh Regeneration Feasibility

PDF (2Mb) / Cally Barnes, Project Manager, BCP Council

Case Study: North Portsea Island, Portsmouth Environmental Enhancements

PDF (3Mb) / Lucy Sheffield, Coastal Environmental Project Engineer, Coastal Partners

Vertipools and Eco-engineering in the Coastal Zone: MARINEFF project

PDF (8Mb) / Ian Boyd, Director, Artecology

Environmental Enhancements - Policy and Guidance

PDF (1Mb) / Mark Stratton, Policy Team Manager and Nicola Reid, Coastal Project Engineer at Coastal Partners

Environmental Enhancements - Discussion and Examples

PDF (1Mb) / Kate Ansell, Solent Forum and Stuart McVey, Channel Coastal Observatory