SCOPAC Field Trips

Since 2010 SCOPAC have organised an annual field trip field trip for members and officers, focusing on sites of interest along the SCG and SCOPAC coastline:

Hengistbury Head, 2024

A walking tour of Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth, to include the Long Groyne which is currently being upgraded 

Portsmouth, 2023

Field trip to Portsmouth to visit the sites of two major FCERM schemes, with lots of opportunities for conversation and insight.

Weymouth & Portland, 2019

Field trip to Weymouth and Portland in Dorset, with discussions & presentations covering local coastal issues.

Portsmouth, 2018

Field trip to Portsmouth where two large flood and coastal erosion protection schemes were underway.

Christchurch Bay, 2017

Field trip to Highcliffe and Avon beach in Dorset to view the different sections of cliff and recent beach recycling.

Bournemouth, 2016

Field trip to Bournemouth to view the recent landslide and the Bournemouth Beach Management Scheme.

Lyme Regis, 2015

We revisited Lyme Regis to view the completed seawall and slope stabilisation works.

Medmerry, 2014

Field trip to Medmerry, West Sussxex to view the UK’s largest open coast managed realignment scheme.

Lyme Regis, 2013

This visit focused on works undertaken since the early 1990’s to prevent landsliding and coastal erosion.

Hurst Spit, 2012

Hurst Spit was chosen due to the wide variety of coastal management topics it encompasses.

Old Portsmouth, 2011

This visit coincided with high tide, and focused on measures taken to prevent flooding of such a low lying city.

Hengistbury Head, 2010

The first of the SCOPAC field trips focused on the range of coastal defence and flooding issues at the site