Capital Investment Programme

Environment Agency FCERM Investment Programme (England) 2021 – 2027

The current 6 year flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) investment programme runs from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2027. 

This investment programme builds on the successes of the first 6-year investment programme for England (2015-2021), which saw the government invest £2.6 billion in new flood defences.

The amount invested in the new 6-year investment programme in England has doubled to £5.2 billion for 2021 to 2027. This will better protect 336,000 properties including homes and non-residential properties such as shops, business and industrial premises, schools, hospitals, transport links and utility sites (such as electricity substations), and is forecast to reduce national flood risk by up to 11% by 2027.

The 2021 to 2027 programme is made up of projects developed and promoted by local authorities, internal drainage boards and the Environment Agency. It has been created in liaison with communities and with the agreement of Regional Flood and Coastal Committees.

The programme will invest in around 2,000 new flood and coastal defence projects; the majority of the schemes will be completed between April 2021 and March 2027.

The Regional Flood and Coastal Committees of southern England
Map data courtesy of Association of Drainage Authorities

Regional Flood and Coastal Committees play a critical role in delivering the investment programme in their region. They consent the Environment Agency’s proposed programme funded through grant in aid, taking into account local priorities, and assign additional funding through their Local Levy, raised from local authorities.