Southern Coastal Group & SCOPAC

Regional Coastal Group for central southern England

Advising & influencing

A source of expertise on matters relating to the coast, for the benefit of Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCC) and other stakeholders

Research & development

Successfully developing and delivering research within and beyond the Group boundaries in relation to coastal zone management and monitoring

Sharing knowledge

Aiming to be the natural and chosen forum for coastal practitioners to discuss coastal management problems and share best practice

Portland Bill to Selsey Bill

including the Isle of Wight

The Southern Coastal Group and SCOPAC is the Regional Coastal Group for central southern England.

As a technical group principally comprising coastal managers, planners and others with a knowledge of shoreline management, our primary objective is to be a source of expertise, advice and influence to the Regional Flood and Coastal Committees and other stakeholders on matters relating to the 648 km coastline between Portland Bill in Dorset and Selsey Bill in West Sussex, including the whole of the coastline of the Isle of Wight.

SCOPAC Research & Group Programmes


SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study

Exploring some of the challenges for continued use of steel sheet-piles for FCERM in coastal settings

Final report now online

SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study

Regional Numerical Model

Major project 2023-2026 \ Dr Matthew Wadey, BCP Council and Alex Hillawi, Coastal Partners. Funded by FCERM GiA

SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study

Protecting Heritage

Major project 2022-2024 \ Alex Hillawi and Charlie White, Coastal Partners

SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study

Acoustic Tags

SCOPAC Minor funds contribution 2022-2024 \ Sacha Neill, Coastal Partners

SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study

Bibliographic Database – scanning old documents

Completed June 2023

SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study

SCOPAC Sediment Transport Study scoping

Major project 2023-2025 \ Samantha Cope, Coastal Partners

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SCG and SCOPAC Regional SMPs

South Devon & Dorset SMP2

Poole & Christchurch Bays SMP2

North Solent SMP2

Isle of Wight SMP2

South Downs SMP2

Links above lead directly to the local SMP documentation; for information about regional SMPs please visit

SCG PSC Frameworks

SCG PSC Frameworks

The Southern Coastal Group has set up two Frameworks to help provide access to services and suppliers for coastal projects and engineering works.

SCOPAC Sediment Transport Study


Covering the coastline between Start Point, Devon and Beachy Head, East Sussex. 2012 update, published 2017