SCG & SCOPAC webinar – Habitat Compensation & Restoration Programme (HCRP) Update, June 2024

On 10th June 2024, Coastal Partners and the Environment Agency provided an update on the Habitat Compensation and Restoration Programme (HCRP) to the Southern Coastal Group and SCOPAC. The webinar included:

  • an update on the Solent and South Downs (SSD) HCRP new ways of working and governance from Chris Manning (Environment Agency SSD HCRP lead)
  • an update on progress with the SSD HCRP schemes and linked studies by Hilary Crane (Coastal Partners)
  • and an update on the Wessex HCRP Arne Moors habitat creation project from Neil Watson (Environment Agency Wessex HCRP lead).

The webinar recording is restricted to attendees and members but information about the projects can be found on this website at Habitat Compensation and Restoration Programme, Solent and South Downs 

Webinar recording


Please contact Coastal Assurance by email if you experience any problems with the access password