Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

Probably the most significant of the coastal research activities in recent years has been the establishment of the Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes.

The Southeast programme started in 2002 and the Southwest programme followed in 2006. Anglia, East Riding, the north-east and the north-west have since received approval from Defra to undertake a similar approach in their respective regions to ensure a nationally consistent approach to coastal monitoring.

The programmes are funded by Defra and a specialist team has been established at the Channel Coastal Observatory within the National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton, to manage the programme and develop the data analysis, storage and dissemination procedures.

Significant advances have been made in data collection and management as a result of this long-term programme.

For further information and freely available data from the survey and analysis programmes, visit the Channel Coastal Observatory website.

Visit the Channel Coastal Observatory website