Bibliographic Database – scanning old documents

Major project 2021-2023 \ Emma Harris and Charlie White, Coastal Partners: £10,000


The original SCOPAC Bibliographic Database was compiled for SCOPAC in 1989 by the Department of Geography at the University of Portsmouth. Since then the bibliographic database has seen updates in 1992, 1995, 1998, 2002 and most recently in 2012, bringing the total number of references to 5,700. This SCOPAC Bibliographic Database (2012), in combination with the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme (RCMP), was an important source of supporting information for the update of the SCOPAC Sediment Transport Study (2012), which covers a 400km stretch of coastline between Start Point in Devon and Beachy Head in East Sussex. The documents included all known available published and unpublished literature on coastal management, coastal processes and engineering across the central south coast on the UK.

However, there was still a comprehensive collection of paper literature and reports from across the SCOPAC region stored at the University of Portsmouth which was under threat due to the lack of suitable storage. This project has scanned the remaining relevant literature, considered beneficial to any stakeholder within the SCOPAC region.

Aims and objectives

  • To identify relevant paper literature and reports to scan
  • To scan the required documents ensuring outputs allow keyword searches
  • To incorporate new references into the SCOPAC Bibliographic Database (2012)


The project has now scanned all relevant literature which is currently stored at Coastal Partners. The next phase of the study will look at ways to disseminate the information through the update of the SCOPAC Bibliographic Database.