Tracer Pebble Study, East Solent, Phase II

SCOPAC Minor funds contribution 2011-2013 \ Coastal Partners: £4,000

SCOPAC contributed £4,000 towards the tracer study element of the River Hamble to Portchester Castle Coastal Strategy.

Following deployments at Portsmouth and Hayling Island (Phase I, 2010/11), the Phase II Tracer Study investigated sediment pathways at Solent Breezes, Lee-on-Solent and Stokes Bay over a 6 month period.

See Tracer Pebble Studies for further details of  the technique used, and of other studies in the region.

Detection Range Trial

Part of this funding was allocated to examine within the field, the likely range of the detection equipment within different beach sediments.

A series of simple tests were carried out to assess the detection range of the various sizes of RFID tag, at different orientations to the reading antennas and varying depths within the sediment.

The results are reported for dissemination across the wider SCG and SCOPAC readership.

Detection Range Trial Report, February 2013 (PDF, 1Mb)