Bradbury’s Bursary

£500 annual award to a University of Southampton MSc ‘Engineering in the Coastal Environment’ student

In honour of Professor Andrew Bradbury’s contribution to coastal engineering across the SCOPAC region, a £500 bursary will be awarded annually to a University of Southampton ‘Engineering in the Coastal Environment’ student.

About the Bursary / How to apply

Professor Bradbury was keen to develop those new to the industry and taught on the master’s course. Those students wishing to apply for the bursary will be expected to undertake research of benefit to SCOPAC, on the coastline between Lyme Regis, Dorset and Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex. A list of potential thesis topics will be published, although research ideas from students are welcome and will be assessed on whether at least one of the following criteria is met. Does the project:

  • Have a wider benefit to SCOPAC practitioners?
  • Develop a scientific tool that assists coastal decision making?
  • Advance the understanding of coastal processes?
  • Relate to coastal engineering or coastal management?
  • Assist in developing best practice?

Any University of Southampton ECE student interested in applying for the bursary should produce a 300 word summary of why they should be considered for the bursary and what the project will deliver for SCOPAC.

For full details please contact Dr Ivan Haigh, email:

Completed Studies


Modelling Gravel Beach Profile Evolution Using Parametric and Process-Based Models

Jake Carley: £500 award

The 2020 winner of the Bradbury’s Bursary was Jake Carley. Jake’s research investigated the suitability of parametric and process-based models, for cross-shore barrier profile evolution in response to storm events at Pevensey Bay.

The scoping study was well put together and the research is of interest to the coastal group as consultants are currently using both SHINGLE-B and XBeachG on the south coast to predict the response of gravel beaches to storm events. A comparison between the two models was undertaken to see how they perform with the same input data and how XBeachG performs with bi-modal wave input data.

It’s fitting that Jake’s proposal should win the award, as the SHINGLE-B model came out of bi-modal research led by Professor Andy Bradbury. Jake writes, “It’s a privilege to receive this bursary”.

Jake Carley
University of Southampton
MSc Engineering in the Coastal Environment
Faculty of Engineering in the Environment and the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences
September 2020

Download Jake’s thesis (pdf, 3Mb)


Hydrodynamic controls on nearshore sediment sizes in Poole Bay

Gladys Ong: £500 award

The 2019 winner of the Bradbury’s Bursary is Xue Ting, Ong (known as Gladys) whose research proposal below was well written and will provide useful outputs for BCP Council’s SMP-wide Beach Management Plan study.

Gladys writes, “I am deeply honoured to receive this award”.

Xue Ting, Ong (Gladys)
University of Southampton
MSc Engineering in the Coastal Environment
Faculty of Engineering in the Environment
September 2019

Download Gladys’s thesis (pdf, 8Mb)


Investigating the recent morphological evolution of Pagham Harbour entrance and the cause of the breach to Church Norton spit in winter 2016

Emma Harris: £500 award

The 2017 winner of the Bradbury’s Bursary was Emma Harris. Emma’s research investigated the cause of the recent breach at Pagham Harbour using data from the South-east Regional Monitoring Programme.

Emma’s research proposal was well thought out with clear aims, objectives and a robust methodology for investigating the morphological evolution at Pagham Harbour. 

Research into barrier beaches was a subject of great interest to Professor Bradbury, having developed a tool for predicting overwashing of barrier beaches for his Ph.D. Emma writes, “I am delighted and feel incredibly honoured to receive this bursary”.

Emma Harris
University of Southampton
MSc Engineering in the Coastal Environment
Faculty of Engineering in the Environment
September 2017

Download the dissertation (pdf, 4Mb)


Migration of Gravel Barriers over a Consolidating Substrate: Implications for Coastal Management

Lauren Burt: £500 award

In 2016 Lauren Burt was awarded the £500 Bradbury’s bursary as a contribution towards her masters thesis fieldwork investigating the physical and geotechnical properties of the substrate in the lee of Hurst Spit, Hampshire.

The thesis proposal was original and well written, with direct application to future management of the site as well as wider relevance to other barrier beaches and spits across the SCOPAC region.

Lauren writes, “I was honoured and extremely proud to win the 2016 Bradbury Bursary set up by SCOPAC. This was awarded upon review of the scoping study prepared for this thesis, and supported both fieldwork and data analysis.”

Lauren Burt 
University of Southampton
MSc Engineering in the Coastal Environment
Faculty of Engineering in the Environment
December 2016

Download the dissertation (pdf, 4Mb)

Presentations to SCOPAC, January 2018

Both the 2016 and 2017 bursary recipients, Lauren Burt and Emma Harris, were invited to present their findings to SCOPAC on the 19th January 2018. Their presentations were well received by Members and highlighted the benefits of supporting young engineers in the industry.

Their presentations are available to download below, with dissertations further down this page: