Summary Note – Grant funding for land owners to facilitate habitat creation
Published on 11 August, 2021

A note summarising the grants and payments available to landowners to facilitate coastal habitat creation and local nature recovery, from Hilary Crane, Coastal Environmental Project Engineer at Coastal Partners

Grant Funding and Payments for Landowners to Facilitate Habitat Creation

This note has been developed to support coastal officers in understanding the grants available, to help aid discussions with landowners regarding habitat creation across the Southern Coastal Group area. It is not designed to be exhaustive but provides an overview of the various grant schemes available, together with signposting and some links to further information at the end of the note.

  Download the Summary Note (PDF, 3pp)

Produced as part of the Regional Habitat Compensation Programme (RHCP) / Environmental Enhancements SCG service plan items.

Other work ongoing in relation to the RHCP / Environmental enhancement service plan items includes:

  1. Collating information on various environmental enhancements being trialled in coastal schemes in the area with the aim to produce summary sheets and create a portfolio of case studies/lessons learnt; and
  2. Exploring green finance approaches and innovative funding mechanisms for habitat creation and environmental enhancements, including undertaking a benefits mapping exercise to identify potential revenue streams/project partners, improving understanding and linking of habitat creation/restoration terminology with economic/finance language and exploring opportunities for delivering multiple objectives through stacking benefits and a blended finance approach.