Coastal Erosion and Climate Change – guidance for policymakers, planners and stakeholders
Published on 1 April, 2022

Jacobs has recently (Aug 2021) published guidance on Coastal Erosion and Climate Change co-authored by Professor Roger Moore of Jacobs and Professor Robin McInnes OBE of Coastal & Geotechnical Services, with contributions from external associates and Jacob’s colleagues.

Following the publication of the IPCC Climate Report (AR6, 2021), projections reveal global sea level is rising and could add +2.5m to current levels by 2100. Extreme weather and storms are also increasing. These changes are causing severe impacts at the coast including nuisance flooding, erosion and shoreline transgression. The impacts and losses can be catastrophic and whilst coastal defences can protect assets for a limited time they commit authorities and private owners to rising cost for maintenance, repairs and renewals.

Professor Moore has been working alongside Professor Robin McInnes OBE on the preparation and illustration of guidance on coastal erosion and climate change. Our guide looks at the implications of future climate change, sea-level rise and coastal erosion risks to global communities and infrastructure. It demonstrates that strategic coastal planning, management and adaptation are key to mitigating future losses and ensuring that coastal development, communities and infrastructure are resilient and sustainable in the long-term.

This 86-page illustrated, non-technical guide summaries Jacobs’ domain expertise in coastal planning and management aimed at government authorities, communities, developers and stakeholders; aligned to Jacobs’ promise to create a more connected, sustainable world.

The guide includes several high-profile UK and international case studies, examples of the lessons learnt and successful approaches to sustainable coastal planning, management and adaptation from Jacobs’ worldwide experience over the past three decades:

Coastal Erosion and Climate Change

Guidance for Policymakers, Planners and Stakeholders

August 2021. Co-authored by Professor Roger Moore of Jacobs and Professor Robin McInnes OBE of Coastal & Geotechnical Services.

Download the paper (PDF, 39Mb)