Hengistbury Head Field Trip, June 2010

The SCOPAC field trip to Hengistbury Head was deemed a success by the 11 elected members and 23 officers who attended. Attendees met in the Hiker Café mid-morning before setting out in the field for the site visit.

Thank you to Steve Woolard (CBC), Neil Watson (EA), Steve Wallis (DCC), Helen Powell (Natural England) and Andy Bradbury (NFDC) for interesting talks covering:

  • the history of the site
  • Poole Bay geomorphology and defences
  • potential breaching of Double Dykes
  • archaeology
  • nature conservation
  • the influence of the Long Groyne
  • Regional Monitoring
  • management of Mudeford Spit and flooding issues

A special thank you goes to Dr David Harlow for suggesting Hengistbury Head as a field trip, for his informative talks and to his team for organising car parking permits.