Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change

Halcrow Marine, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, University of Portsmouth and the Meteorological Office (2001)

A Strategy for Long Term Planning and Management of the Shoreline in the Context of Climate Change Predictions.

SCOPAC commissioned the research study in the belief that “the question of climate change impacts is probably the most important issue to be faced by coastal local authorities and communities they represent, alongside other organisations, in thecoastal zone.”

The key aims of the research project were to:

  • Derive climate change scenarios for the next eighty years;
  • Develop an understanding of the generic impacts of climate change on the coast;
  • Determine vulnerability, hazard and risk along the SCOPAC coast;
  • Identify requirements for informing coastal planning and management of climate change impacts; and
  • Identify future good practice for coastal management.

A two-stage approach was taken. The first involved identification of future climate scenarios and their likely physical impacts on the coast, and the second assessed the implications of these for assets and coastal risk management.