Coastal, Flood & Infrastructure Professional Services Framework

This Southern Coastal Group (SCG) Framework provides access to a wide range of professional services for coastal, flood and infrastructure projects across England.

Set-up by the SCG for its members, the Framework has also been made available for use by all public bodies across England, subject to an administrative access fee. Consisting of six industry-leading suppliers split across two tiers, the Framework will operate for four years until March 2026.

Key Facts

  • Term: Four years to 14th March 2026
  • Extension Option: None
  • Find-a-Tender Notice: 2021/S 000-011304
  • Maximum framework value: £50,000,000
  • Call-off contract values: ~£150,000 – £500,000 but no imposed upper/lower limits
  • Call-off contract T&Cs: NEC4 PSC/PSSC
  • Users: All public bodies in England

Framework benefits

  • Quick route to market – fully compliant framework with pre-vetted Suppliers.
  • Wide scope of services – covering all coastal, flood, civil engineering and infrastructure disciplines.
  • Competitively tendered People Rates and fees – used on a meet or beat basis
  • Flexible call-off mechanisms – Mini-Competition and Direct Award routes available.
  • Managed Framework – providing user support & ensuring Framework integrity and competitiveness is maintained.
  • Easy to use – clear & simple framework with call off contract templates and easy to follow step-by-step User Guide included as standard.
  • NEC4 – industry standard contract T&Cs.
  • Procured and managed by a Local Authority for Local Authorities – so you can be sure it has been through the proper procurement channels and has best value at its heart.

Framework Suppliers

The Framework consists of six suppliers split across two tiers:

Ranked 1st
Ranked 2nd
Ranked 3rd
Ranked 4th
Ranked 5th
Ranked 6th

All services listed below are available via the Framework:

  • Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management
  • Flood Risk Modelling
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Coastal Processes
  • Fluvial and Pluvial Flooding
  • Surface Water Management
  • Drainage Engineering
  • Groundwater Flooding
  • Highway Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture and Design
  • Port, Harbour and Maritime Engineering and Infrastructure
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Quantity Survey / Cost Consultancy
  • Ground and Site Investigations
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Economic Appraisal, Business Case Preparation and Funding Application
  • Contaminated Land Consultancy
  • Master Planning
  • Planning and Regeneration Consultancy
  • Environmental Engineering, Management and Consultancy

Access Fees

For public bodies in England without Full or Associate SGC/SCOPAC membership, there are two access fee options:

Contracting AuthorityAccess Fee
Option 1:
Unlimited Access.
Onetime payment for unlimited number and value of Work Orders for the duration of the Framework.
Option 2:
Single Work Order.
Fee payable for each and every Work Order called off from the Framework
Fee equivalent to 1.0% of the tendered total of the prices.
Subject to a minimum fee of £500 and a maximum fee of £2,500.

Would you like to know more?

User Guide

Our free-to-access User Guide provides comprehensive information about the Coastal, Flood & Infrastructure Professional Services Framework, and practical guidance on how to use it. 

Download the User Guide (PDF) – Appendices not included

Next Steps

Please contact us at with any questions or enquiries about acquiring the Coastal, Flood & Infrastructure Professional Services Framework