SCG / SCOPAC Conference

January 2021

SCOPAC Storm Analysis Research Conference

The first Conference for the SCG and SCOPAC was held online in January 2021 and focused on sharing the outputs from the SCOPAC Storm Analysis research.

In response to recent extreme events and stormy winters (e.g. 2013/14 and 2015/16), BCP Council and the University of Southampton led on an analysis across the SCOPAC region, comparing extreme events and winters using sea level and wave data sets. The aim was to put recent events into context with longer data sets, providing easily accessible and understandable scientific information that can be used to infer causes of coastal flooding and/or erosion.

Below is a link to the Webinar video for those that attended the Conference:

Full details of the research project and findings can be found at SCOPAC Storm Analysis Study, and are described in the presentation to the Conference below:

The conference was well attended with approximately 80 officers and members dialling into MS Teams.

We would like to thank the speakers, Dr Matthew Wadey (BCP Council) and Dr Ivan Haigh (University of Southampton) for their excellent talks and hope to continue their good work through the Channel Coastal Observatory’s ( National Network of Regional Monitoring Programmes.